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Sony calls it quits on US TV production

Steven Kim

Honestly, it's surprising to us that Sony still had any TV manufacturing was still in the U.S., but sadly, the company will be turning the lights out on its last U.S.-based plant early next year. The Westmoreland, PA plant is set to cease TV production in February 2009 and finally close in March 2010 when TV and Blu-ray disc repair are relocated as well. Reliability be damned, the plant just couldn't avoid the axe this time around -- it had already shifted from RPTVs to LCD TVs since opening in 1990 -- but this last round of "5 or 6" worldwide plant closings for Sony will spell curtains for the Pittsburgh Technology Center. Our hearts go out to the 560 folks who will lose their jobs.

[Image courtesy Westmoreland County, PA]

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