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Trying to be nice about Sonic and the Black Knight


Even though Sonic Unleashed disagreed with us, we're going to try and maintain some optimism for Sonic and the Black Knight; after all, that's what The Cycle demands of us all, right? So let's see if we can make it through a whole Sonic post without being snarky jerks ... go!

Nintendo Power's Sonic and the Black Knight preview has produced a pile of unrelated tidbits about the game. Some of which sound rather good, such as the news that there will be two interweaving paths throughout the title. You'll begin at Misty Lake, before progressing through Camelot Castle, Molten Mine, and Titanic Plain (where you can cut the grass with your sword, Caliburn -- a nice touch). In combat, you'll be able to incorporate different fighting styles; the new skills you gain depend on the style in which you played the level. You can also customize characters by granting them certain abilities, such as immunity from elemental status ailments.

Oh yes, and plenty of Sonic's friends will be milling about. In what could be a genuinely interesting twist, Tails plays the role of blacksmith in this game, turning junk you collect into handy devices. Nintendo Power also confirms the presence of Knuckles, Blaze, and Shadow! Shadow!! That's (*grits teeth really, really hard*) brilliant news!


[Via Go Nintendo]

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