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Walmart creates iPhone compatible site

Cory Bohon

Do you like shopping at Walmart? From electronics to $4 prescriptions, Walmart seems to have everything. But one thing it didn't have was an iPhone application, and now they do. If you visit the website on your iPhone, you will be presented with an iPhone-specific portal for all of your shopping needs.

From the home page, you can browse through products by category, see current product specials, and even see a list of approved $4 prescriptions (in PDF form). If you tap the "Shopping List" tab, you can create your own shopping list. This is handy if you frequent the actual store. You can also search for a local store or search for an item.

Unfortunately this is where the functionality of the site ends. If you wish to purchase a product you'll have to visit the regular website, which can be slow to load over a mobile connection. If you want to check out the web app for yourself, just head over to Walmart's website on your iPhone/iPod touch.

[via @keviano on Twitter]

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