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WoW Moviewatch: the Bells of Northrend


I have to agree with Kamuraki who said, when speaking about the song used in the Bells of Northrend, "Trans-Siberian Orchestra did the most AWESOME version of Carol of the Bells that will ever be done in the history of mankind. Maybe some alien race will do a better cover some day, but I doubt it."

"The Bells of Northrend" is Baka Savant's submission to A Very Northrend Christmas contest. It's a music video set to the sights of Northrend, obviously. The music playing is "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (I've had the good fortune to see them in concert twice, and they do in fact rock.)

I think the Northrend imagery lines up incredibly well, which is probably a no-brainer given the winter weather. But the landscape of white-forests, vast stone architecture, and crystal landscapes works well with screaming guitars shredding their power chords. I mean, it is all very metal when you get down to it, and isn't that the point?

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