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Wowhead's 12 Killer Days of Khristmas

Eliah Hecht

The Feast of Winter Veil has officially started, and Wowhead is joining in the holiday spirit. The site logo has been made a bit more festive, and the icons for items and users on the forums are now sporting a cheery holly border. They're also running a contest titled (slightly threateningly) "12 Killer Days of Khristmas." Each day between now and December 24, they're giving away fabulous prizes:

  • For phase one of the contest (12/13 to 12/18), winners get a Wowhead Prize Package, containing one of those nifty steins, a (slightly tacky, IMO) K-logo necklace by Killer, an Alienware cap, and a totally rad Wowhead t-shirt.
  • Phase two (12/19 to 12/21) offers a Killer K1 network card each day. Killer's cards are set apart by an on-board CPU and some other hardware-based features, which they claim can lower your latency by taking some load off your main CPU.
  • Phase three (12/22 and 12/23) can get you a Killer M1 network card, allegedly even better.
  • Finally, phase four (12/24) is your chance to win a totally sweet Alienware Aurora desktop, kitted out with a K1 card as well as a quad-core 2.6 GHz CPU and all sorts of other good stuff.

How do I win one of these amazing prizes, you ask? Just answer one simple question: What does your WoW character want for Christmas? Put your answers on the contest post on the Wowhead blog, and you're entered to win. You can enter once per day, and your entries are cumulative - if you've answered every day by the 12th day, you then have 12 chances at the Alienware machine.

A quick caveat: the contest is US-only. Sorry, Canadians, Europeans, and other folks from around the world; laws suck sometimes. For the full rules, click on over to Wowhead.

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