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DISH Network's ViP222k HD receiver now available

Darren Murph

At first glance, DISH Network's ViP222k HD receiver seems like something worth yawning over and forgetting forever. But there are a few unique tidbits that we feel are worthy of consideration. For starters, the box packs an Over The Air Tuning Cartridge which enables the viewing of two separate OTA HD (ATSC) broadcasts on two separate TV sets. Furthermore, it comes bundled with the new DISH two-way learning remote, and for those willing to attach external USB storage, you can theoretically record four HD programs at once so long as two are via OTA antenna. It's shipping as we speak for $289.99 (or $30 less for those who don't want the ATSC Tuner Cartridge).

[Via SatelliteGuys, thanks J.D.M.]

Update: Here's an animated look at the OTA module in the 722k. Thanks, Vanbrothers!

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