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Forum post of the day: Pick up groups to pick up points

Amanda Dean

I'll give you a quick run down of the general forums today:

  • Take away the arena point requirement, or else!
  • Epic flight costs too much!
  • Requiring arena points for PvP gear is a slap in the face!
  • I can't get this or that achievement because it involves something I don't want to do!
  • This is the end of casuals, I don't have time to play arenas!
  • /waggle
  • GG Bliz, the arena requirement is going to make me go play <insert any other MMORPG here>!
  • Death Knights should tank!
  • If you're going to make us play arenas, let us PUG them like battlegrounds!

It is hard to find someone who is happy with this new PvP development. I'm indifferent. Personally I find arenas to be the best part of PvP and the purpose of battlegrounds anyway. Like so many others, you need not agree. That last theme however, Blizzard should players to PUG arenas, gave me a moment of pause.

One such thread was started by Painraze of Shattered Hand. He would like to queue up for the arenas and go without having to futz around with forming a team and coordinating schedules with others. Like many others he says that he does not have the time to wait for organized arena play. Meeting with considerable agreement, he solidified his point by saying:

Let serious Arena players get in well coordinated groups, let the people who just want to play and have fun pug their way to better gear. Serious Arena players will still have the best gear so their l33tness isn't threatened. It's win-win.

For the most part he was met with agreement. Others, of course, thought it was the worst idea ever. Undoubtedly, arena PUGs would most likely be defeated regularly. The biggest issue that I can see is PUGing would not allow for team ratings, but individual ratings are most important now. Blizzard would have to develop a new queuing system.

I'm not sure exactly what the justification for the arena point requirement. I'd be down with abolishing it, but it would be nice for Blizzard to offer this tidy little work around. I'll most likely be teaming up with some random schmoe who does their own thing and probably refuses to use vent until my friends get caught up anyway. I'm sure there will be plenty who follow Nogi of Nathrezim's suggestion of creating a team and single-queuing ten times in a row to get a few points.

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