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Internet Explorer exploit targets game passwords

Mike Schramm

Is anyone still using Internet Explorer on a computer where they have control of the software? The browser is so targeted and so flawed, and there are so many worthwhile and free alternatives that it's almost silly to continue using Microsoft's monster of a browser. But if you still are, watch out -- the BBC says that Microsoft has announced another vulnerability, and this time it could be used to obtain "game passwords," like your account information for World of Warcraft.

The good news is that, like most virus scares (ever notice that all of the virus warnings come from companies that happen to make their money on antivirus software? In this case, it's Trend Micro, spreading as much FUD as they can), this warning is probably overblown -- even if you are using a browser full of holes like IE, you have to wander off your beaten path of trusted sites to get in trouble. So don't click random links or follow spambait on the forums or in your email, and you'll probably be fine. But again, installing and using another browser is so easy (and will help you so much in the long run) that you might as well give up IE anyway.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in! And yes, I used the old login screen for this post's picture. But don't you kind of miss it?

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