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Maddening: NPD data shows weak Dead Space, Mirror's Edge sales


It's a tough road that EA has chosen, one illustrated by the above graph from Gamasutra's recent analysis of November's North American sales results. Reliable and storied football franchise? Selling millions. New IPs and ambitious sequels? Not so much. Though Spore is a notable exception with upward of 2 million copies sold and the Valve-developed Left 4 Dead saw respectable sales on console (both are new IPs), EA's fresh ventures in Mirror's Edge and Dead Space were not rewarded by consumers nearly as much they were by reviewers.

Still, does it smack of having "failed miserably," as Gamasutra so bluntly notes? Or did these unknown quantities simply get lost in holiday shelves packed with highly anticipated, highly praised and highly recognizable properties? Highly likely. If EA's smart, it'll follow the Burnout Paradise (which, excluding PSN sales, racked up a surprisingly low 600,000 copies across two platforms) route and re-release those titles in a less deadly period.

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