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Paradigm preps PCS subwoofers to put some boom in the CES walls

Steven Kim

In light of Paradigm's recent 15-inch Signature SUB 25 subwoofer, you might glance right past the PCS-80R (round) and PCS-80SQ (square) 8-inch models planned for CES release. Since they're in-wall subs, that's kind of the point, but also bear in mind that these new boomers are meant to be used in pairs; so even for the target entry-level applications, these should have decent output. Mounting speakers flush with walls has always been a problem, especially for low frequencies, but Paradigm assures us that the chassis and mounting of the PCS subs in the walls will ensure that nasty wall resonances will be tamed and these should plumb the depths quite nicely, especially when paired with a Paradigm X-300 subwoofer amplifier (with its own EQ). No prices yet, but we're sure details will come forth at the CES unveiling.

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