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Rumor: Factor 5 cuts 37 jobs


Speaking to a "well-placed source," Edge Online reports that Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5 laid off 37 employees on Friday, December 12th. This leaves around 38 workers to continue development on one or more projects which may or may not be canceled, depending on whose blog you read and how quickly it gets deleted from the internet.

While most would speculate that the drama has its origin in Factor 5's botched deal with Brash, Edge's source claims, "The thing that bothers me the most about it all is they could have avoided all of this ages ago. It wasn't really the Brash deal going south that was the big problem, but it didn't help much either." According to the source, the last time Factor folks got so much as a fiver was on October 15th. That's grimmer than most of Lair's reviews.

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