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The iPhone's camera jumping up in the Flickr ratings


This makes sense when you think about it, but it just seems really wild to me: in the list of Flickr's most popular cameras (compiled from the metadata attached to any photos that upload to the popular site), our favorite cell phone is climbing up the ranks. In fact, it had just recently overtaken the Canon EOS 40D digital SLR when the screenshot above was taken (though stats may have changed since then, as now it appears the iPhone never did cross that line).

Obviously, it's not for reasons of quality -- the iPhone's camera doesn't compare in the least to any of the others on that list. But when you consider that the iPhone is now the US's most popular handset, and that there are so many ways to quickly and easily shoot pictures snapped there up to Flickr, it becomes pretty clear why pictures from the iPhone are so popular on the site.

Unfortunately, they don't provide a timeline to these graphs, so we can't really trace the causes of that jump recently, though the App Store probably has something to do with it (doesn't it always?). Another arena where the iPhone is quickly becoming wildly popular.

[via MacBytes]

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