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Warhammer Online patches to 1.1b just days after 1.1a

Michael Zenke

Near the end of last week Mythic Entertainment added to the momentous announcements across the industry at large by dropping the first part of an enormous patch to Warhammer Online. Patch 1.1a began the road to newly revamped systems for the game, and our chat with Mythic's Drescher, Gershowitz, and Wheeler revealed numerous components of the future WAR. Now Mythic has furthered that path by releasing Warhammer Online Patch 1.1b. Servers went down early this morning, and the company expects them to be live again by 1pm EST.

Despite the change from a to b, this patch isn't nearly as big a deal ... unless you're a fan of the Nordenwatch scenario, which has been offline for a few days. The 'watch is now back online after a fix. The developers have also continued to tweak open RvR, trying to get the reward systems right. Reward, XP, and influence have all been added for attacking and defending Fortresses, making the end-game situation that much more worthwhile. Renown gains when engaging in oRvR are now tweaked as well, with Renown gain based on the differential between a Player's Rank and their Renown Rank. Diminishing returns are now a part of the system as well to reduce farming. Check the full notes for an example on this and some further explanation of the systems change.

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