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Wii Fanboy Review: 8-Bit is Enough


We've reached the end of our journey, as SBCG4AP comes to a close with its final episode, 8-Bit is Enough. It's a great way to conclude the series and easily the best episode of the bunch. If you're a gamer, then you're going to love the blatant fan service and all of the gaming references within this final episode.


8-Bit is Enough starts at the end of the previous episode, picking things up immediately where they left off. As an angry mob swarms Strong Bad, he falls off his couch and bangs into his Trogdor arcade machine. Sparks fly and the arcade machine takes on the essence of Trogdor, becoming the dragon man himself.

The only option is for Strong Bad to find a new logic board and install it into the cabinet, reverting the monstrosity back to its original self. The only problem is that the Trogdor machine is pretty much a big, burly agent of destruction. Enlisting the aid of Homestar, Strong Bad finally replaces the board, but, in doing so, manages to merge the video game world and the real world. As you can imagine, plenty of hi-jinks ensue from here, so I won't ruin the story any more for you.

A lot of things about 8-Bit is Enough really bring a smile to your face. Whether it's the self-referential humor, or the keen insights into the world of gaming, you'll find yourself giggling throughout the several hours it'll take you to get through 8-Bit is Enough. The game's unimaginable charm combines the best these characters have to offer, but in a fun and interactive environment spiked with delightful, 8-bit gaming themes.

But, again, this is an adventure game. So, the pointer-based interaction and slower pace might be something that will not grab the attention of all gamers. What's different this time around, is the game is more liberal about telling you where to be next, making for a more linear experience. This makes the game flow a bit more than previous episodes and eliminates a lot of the second guessing that goes on with this genre. You may see that as a bad thing or a good thing, but, in the end, I felt it helped streamline the experience and didn't frustrate me to the point of taking a break, like some of the puzzles in the previous episodes had.

Like I said, 8-Bit is Enough is clearly the best episode in the series. It has Trogdor, tons of great fan service to gamers, and is a laugh riot. I finished 8-Bit is Enough in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'd suggest you play all of the previous episodes in the series before playing this, but, if you can only try one episode, let it be 8-Bit is Enough.

Final score: 9.5/10

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