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Wii want Rock Band 2: Harmonix apologizes for delay, confirms instrument compatibility


As revealed late last week, Rock Band 2 will be making its Wii debut on December 18 – two months after the Xbox 360 version. In a post to the official Rock Band forums, series creator Harmonix has openly apologized for the delay, while saying that the extra development time has made possible "the definitive full band experience on that platform."

"We want to apologize for the delay in getting RB2 onto the Wii," the company said. "We believe that Wii is an amazing and unique fit for Rock Band 2, and one that we care deeply about getting right." Part of getting it right has to do with instrument compatibility, with Harmonix confirming that developer Pi Studios has ensured all Wii music controllers will work with the game out of the box. (Something we've already reported.)

"We can confirm that this game is compatible with other existing instrument controllers available for Wii for both guitar and drums," the post reads. "Even if you've picked up another full band game, you can grab Rock Band 2 in its standalone software format, buying individual instruments and the disc itself to customize your band." In other words, your Guitar Hero guitars? They'll work, and so will the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit – should you have bought another full band game while waiting for RB2.

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