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Ask Engadget HD: DTV converter, or a new TV?

Darren Murph

Hard to believe, but in just over two months, analog signals will be a thing of the past in the USA. Okay, so we're sure a small grace period will be enacted, but the digital TV transition is coming at a furious pace. Devin has written in this week with a question that we reckon many are pondering, so here's your shot at discussing it:

"I know I could redeem my $40 voucher for a digital TV converter, but I'm beginning to wonder if that's the best thing for my garage TV. I'm not really fond of cluttering the area up with another set-top-box, and really, I'm wondering if this is the perfect excuse to pick up a small HDTV. I'm wondering what other readers in this situation are doing, and if so, which small HDTV should I pick up to replace my existing analog set?"

Sure, we should all feel absolutely terrible about junking that perfectly good analog set and using this as an opportunity to get yourself a new HDTV, but hey, why not donate the old set, take a tax write-off and get a warm, fuzzy feeling in exchange? That's our advice, what's yours?

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