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Jamo releases A 804 on-wall speaker

Steven Kim

Everyone has jumped onboard with hanging their TV on the wall, so the same should hold for speakers, right? At least that's what Jamo is hoping for with the release of its A 804 on-wall speaker, a svelte (by conventional speaker standards) 3.9-inch thick model suitable for LCR (and even surround) duties with a 3-way configuration anchored by dual 4.5-inch woofers. Generating any reasonable bass from those woofers in such a small enclosure is tough, but Jamo has tuned the woofer ports to get the bass response down to 70Hz. Looks count, too, and the 27.6 x 6.3 x 3.9-inch size combined with a high gloss black finish should blend nicely with that TV. Available next month at $449 each, but you can peep the PR after the break.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (December 16, 2008) - Why buy separate home theater audio components when one model can do it all-and with much more performance than you'd ever imagine from such a slim speaker?

The versatile A 804 from Jamo combines beautiful contemporary design with the remarkable sound that emanates from its bassreflex ported cabinet. And, because it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, it works just as well as a center channel as it does when its used as a front left or right-or even rear surround-speaker.

Housed in a beautiful black leather/high-gloss black enclosure that combines aluminum, steel, and high density polymer, the A 804 is just 3.9 inches deep, making it an ideal match for virtually any contemporary flat-panel television.

The A 804 also demonstrates Danish audio design underneath its grille. The .75-inch silk-dome tweeter with Jamo's proprietary WaveGuide technology delivers clean, clear highs, while the 4.5-inch midrange and two 4.5-inch woofers provide stirring midrange and deep, booming bass.

To ensure that the low frequencies carry more punch than typical wall-mounts, the A 804 has flow-optimized dual bassreflex ports.

According to Tamara Douce, marketing manager for Jamo U.S., the A 804's performances are nothing short of amazing. "It really does offer better sound quality than any on-wall speaker at any price due to the bass ports. And, it's so versatile, the A 804 is the only speaker most home theater fans would need."

"We expect the A 804 to be really popular with the ever-growing group of people who want more theater-like sound than current wall-mounted speakers can reproduce," noted Douce. "Plus, with its ease of mounting, anyone can have them up and working in no time-which is always important."

Priced at $449 each (U.S. MSRP), the A 804 is scheduled for release next month.

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