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NXE audio issues continue to fire up forum users, Microsoft still working on a fix

When the switch was flipped to release the New Xbox Experience (NXE) everyone at X3F HQ was huddled around a candle, hoping that Xbox Live wouldn't ... you know, explode! Thankfully, the NXE was released and the Live service continued to run strong, for the most part. However, not everyone had a rosy experience. Some Xbox users connected throughout HDMI noticed an issue, the NXE would not play audio via an HDMI connection. While this isn't news, users that have been hit with the audio issue have taken to the forum, now threatening to take the issue to the the Better Business Bureau and contact consumer advocacy groups due to Microsoft's refusal to address the problems.

Only, Microsoft did address the NXE/HDMI problem. On December 2, X3F reported that Microsoft admitted the NXE had caused the HDMI audio issue for some users and are currently working on a fix in a story on ShackNews. While they don't get points for speed -- actually, maybe they do ... we don't know how long it takes to fix these things -- Microsoft has admitted the problem and aren't leaving anyone out in the cold. Get it? 'Cuz it's December. Never mind, you seem upset.

[Ed. Note: Story edited to clarify the audio issue has only hit some HDMI users]

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