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Okoro Media Systems crams Intel's Core i7 into select HTPCs

Darren Murph

Okoro Media Systems isn't the first HTPC maker to offer up systems with Intel's potent Core i7 within, but it clearly has no issue with showing up to the big ball a few months late. Starting now, prospective buyers can select the OMS-TH550, OMS-GX100 or OMS-GX300 with a Core i7 within, and we're also told that two forthcoming HTPCs -- the RK200 and RK300 -- will be available with the CPU in due time. Oh, and if you're looking for a little something to sweeten the deal, Okoro's offering 5% off on a number of machines and is throwing in a free The Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc with BD-equipped rigs. Shame the starting prices are still through the roof.

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