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Samsung P3 gets official... in Korea

Nilay Patel

It's no secret that the Samsung Yepp YP-P3 PMP is on the way -- Sammy's shown it off, it's kicking around the FCC and we've already seen it unboxed -- but it looks like it's getting an official launch in Korea just ahead of CES. Specs are the same as we've known forever: the same 3-inch, 480 x 272 touchscreen as the P2, but with added haptic feedback and a new Flash-based UI with customizable widgets, Bluetooth with A2DP, the usual codec support, and a 30-hour audio playback battery life. No US prices yet, but the Koreans out there should look to have scrounged together 239,000 won ($177) for the 4GB, 279,000 won ($207) for 8GB, and 329,000 won ($244) for the 16GB model by the time these ship in early January. Interface vid after the break.

[Via DAPReview, thanks Michael]

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