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Wrath Dailies: Aces High!

Alex Ziebart

For our Wrath Dailies series thus far, we've been trying to do them in groups. For example, we did the Kalu'ak dailies first, and now Adam is going through the Cooking dailies. I've decided to jump out of order for this one, because it's actually somewhat important beyond just another daily quest. This quest is actually training for Phase 3 of the Malygos encounter, in which you do battle with the Aspect of Magic from the back of a red drake.

You pick up Aces High! from Corastrasza on the Band of Transmutation, one of the floating platforms around The Nexus. If you've never done it before, head down to the Transitus Shield, there's a quest that will tell you exactly where to go. Practicing with this quest will make the fight much, much easier when you fight Malygos one day, because the abilities the Drake has in this quest are the exact same as the ones in that fight.

Once Corastrasza has put you on a drake, your action bar will change to the vehicle's action bar. If you're not using any bar mods, the vehicle UI will pop up. The abilities you'll be given are as follows:

  • Flame Spike (10 Energy, 60 yard range): Fires a quick jet of fire at your target, causing 943 to 1057 Fire damage. Awards 1 combo point.
  • Engulf in Flames (50 Energy, 60 yard range): Launches a blast of flames igniting your target for 1500 Fire damage every 3 sec. This effect stacks. Lasts longer per combo point.
    • 1 point: 6 seconds
    • 2 points: 10 seconds
    • 3 points: 14 seconds
    • 4 points: 18 seconds
    • 5 points: 22 seconds
  • Revivify (10 Energy, 60 yard range): Heals the target for 500 per second. Lasts 10 seconds. Awards one combo point, stacks up to 5 times.
  • Life Burst (50 Energy): Releases a burst of rejuvinating energy, healing friendly targets within 60 yards and increases the caster's healing done by 50%. Heals for more and lasts longer per combo point.
    • 1 point: 5,000 heal/5 sec
    • 2 points: 7,500 heal/10 sec
    • 3 points: 10,000 heal/15 sec
    • 4 points: 12,500 heal/20 sec
    • 5 points: 15,000 heal/25 sec
  • Flame Shield (25 Energy): Surrounds the caster in a shield of flames, reducing all damage taken by 80%. Lasts longer per combo point.
    • 1 point: 2 seconds
    • 2 points: 3 seconds
    • 3 points: 4 seconds
    • 4 points: 5 seconds
    • 5 points: 6 seconds
  • Blazing Speed (30 sec cooldown): Increases flight speed by 500% for 8 seconds.

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