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Amazon Gold Box: PlayStation 3 deals


Motorstorm: Pacific Rift [sold out!] Fallout 3 is the Gold Box deal of the day for $49.98 (17% off). Also, if you purchase the $500 160 GB PS3 Uncharted bundle today (offer expires 2:59 am ET tomorrow), Amazon will toss in a free Blu-ray remote ($25). Of course, you can also score a free Blu-ray remote by purchasing any eligible PS3 game and Blu-ray movie together. Here are today's timed impulse buys:
  • 9am ET – Pro-Evolution Soccer 2009 [expired]
  • 1pm ET – Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway [sold out!]
  • 2pm ET – Harryhausen Boxed Set [expired]
  • 3pm ET – Tomb Raider Underworld [sold out!]
  • 4pm ET – SingStar ABBA [sold out!]
  • 5pm ET – Resistance 2 Collector's Edition [sold out!]
  • 6pm ET – Spider-Man Trilogy [sold out!]
  • 8pm ET – Animation 3-pack [expired]
  • 9pm ET – Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm [sold out!]
That's it folks! Thanks for playing.

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