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Home servers back online, Diesel and Ligne Roset stores too

Jem Alexander

The Home servers are back after their downtime. Hopefully you should find it easier to log into the service now. As for new content, there've been some additions made to the European shopping centre. Both the Diesel and Ligne Roset stores are now open in Europe (no sign of them in America). Inside you'll find a few free items (3 pieces of Diesel clothing for each gender and a chair and table) with the rest costing you a whopping £1.59 each.

The furniture and clothing stores have been updated with new content, too. You can now purchase a Christmas tree and snowman for your apartment (among a few other things). They'll set you back 79p ($0.99) each, which is slightly more reasonable. As for the Santa costume, however, each part of it will cost you 79p -- the gloves, hat, shoes, trousers, suit and glasses(!). That's almost £5 for the entire costume. Other new pieces of clothing, such as the business suit, will cost you 59p ($0.49).

No sign of the Red Bull Air Race space yet, but there's still time. Hopefully we'll see that arrive before the end of the day.

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