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LG's LU1600 clamshell is somehow linked to ice cream

Darren Murph

We're not at all sure why LG's LG1600 is being coined the Ice Cream Phone 2, but it clearly isn't kidding around with the connection. Heck, it even put a presumably fake cone of mint chocolate chip in the hands of the gal to the left there. Anywho, said flip phone is expected to sport a 15.5-millimeter thick chassis, T-DMB mobile TV support, an electronic dictionary, EV-DO Rev. A compatibility and a color-changing exterior that will definitely not alert your eyes to an incoming call / message while it's tucked tightly away in your pocket. Those who are buying this thing regardless simply due to the (very) loose connection with that certain dairy product can select one in sky blue, snow white or peach pink for between ???400,000 ($297) and ???500,000 ($371).

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