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Nintendo to let users upload DSi animations


When Nintendo launches the Japanese DSiWare store on December 24, Ugoku Memo Chou (Moving Memo Pad) will be available for the price of free. We've already posted a trailer of the software in action, but now we have more examples of what can be done with the program, courtesy of Nintendo and web company Hatena.

The two have combined to create Ugoku Memo Hatena, a site where budding DSi animators can upload their creations to be watched by others the world over. Users will also be able to view uploaded content within Moving Memo Pad itself, and edit and repost videos. Nintendo says it is discussing the possibility of bringing a version of the site to other regions.

We've posted half a dozen of the (Nintendo-made) videos that are currently on the site past the break (they autoplay, so we advise not viewing these anywhere you'll be disturbing the peace). They're only a few seconds long each, but we find some of these to be quite charming and quirky, even if they're not hugely sophisticated.

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