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Report: PS3 going 3-D, 4th dimension untapped


As it turns out, stereoscopic 3-D technology isn't just reserved for the fabulously bored ... of making flat, $1.8 billion-grossing Hollywood weepies. No, 3-D, like "put on those big, goofy glasses" 3D, can be the work of mere mortals. Like these two fellers above, from Blitz Games Studios.

In what's been billed as an MTBS exclusive (that's: "Meant To Be Seen"), Blitz has reportedly confirmed that Sony "fully intends" to update PlayStation 3 to support stereoscopic 3-D gaming and Blu-ray watching next year (presumably, in time for Ubisoft's 3-D Avatar game). What's more, MTBS suggests that the ability to upgrade to 3-D via a firmware update could be unique to PS3 (the console is a 4D concept, after all) -- potentially leaving current Xbox 360 owners to endure gaming life in a veritable stone age.

Blitz, famous for its trio of Burger King Xbox games, has its hands in the forthcoming movement, developing its own "BlitzTech" 3-D engine, which debuted earlier this month at the 3D Entertainment Summit in LA. Well then Blitz, we can't wait to see it in Hell, er, Hall, Kentia Hall -- next June.

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