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Roboware E3 family robot spotted in action-packed video

Laura June

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Roboware's family-centric, open-source E3 robot has been rolling around for a good while now, but this video of him in action is probably of interest to our humanoid readers. Called E3 because of his customizable emotional, entertainment and educational functions, Roboware's bot is meant to be a valued member of the family -- albeit one with WiFi, IR rangers, an LCD in its chest, a web-cam in its head, and a microSD slot on its back. The little character has 17 joints and three multi-directional wheels, making him quite mobile, expressive, and rather reminiscent of WowWee's Mr. Personality. Check the video for the full demo, including his recital of T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland" in its entirety near the end.

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