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Rock Band 2 gets 2008 'best tech' nod from Yahoo


Yahoo's Christopher Null – who not only shares a first name with, but a striking resemblance to our own Chris Grant – has picked Rock Band 2 as the sole video game represented on the site's 2008 "best tech" list. Or, as Null says, "the products that really floated my boat in 2008."

Null calls RB2 "arguably the best game of the year," and says that, "I find it humbling that I listen to more music while playing Rock Band than I do on my iPod. The ongoing addition of new – and good – music to the game makes it an ongoing favorite at Null HQ."

On the worst tech list of '08 boat sinking offenders? Blu-ray. "There's a very loud and vocal minority that insists that Blu-ray will be a huge success," he writes. "The market would seem to indicate otherwise."

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