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The Wheelman shouldn't look fun, trailer proves otherwise

Movie star. Pawned Hollywood story. Slowly dying publisher. Mix these elements into a blender with your favorite liqueur and you're typically going to get "crap in a glass." But, based on the cinematic trailer for The Wheelman the game actually looks entertaining. One part Burnout, two parts Transporter; The Wheelman could shape up to be a solid release if all the stars align in the favor of developer Tigon Studios.

And no, we're not going to hate on Vin Diesel in this post because the last time he was involved with a game, things got done right. We will however hate on the dialogue in the trailer, "A good driver knows when to start and knows when to stop." Really? Thanks, The Wheelman! That actually might be the first question on the learner's permit written exam. Not exactly brimming with the Hollywood toughness their script writer probably thought it was when he wrote it. But, we digress.

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