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Celebrating the holidays in EVE with snowball fights in space

James Egan

Space is cold. You wouldn't think 'holiday cheer' and EVE Online would be mentioned in the same context, but CCP Games has gotten in on the holiday action with the other MMO developers this season. Xiphos from the EVE blog "A Misguided Adventurer" had a holiday surprise from CCP when he logged into the game this morning: a snowball launcher and snowball ammo.

Xiphos writes, "Happy Holidays from CCP! Everyone check your hangars and you'll find a nice little gift from CCP. 300 Snowballs and a Snowball Launcher. A High slot fitting, these deadly cold balls of ice do -10 Thermal Damage and are damn fun. Start launching some at your friends and enemies and let's get a massive snowball fight started in Jita, top station!"

Every character in EVE Online automatically received these items today, even your lowly scouts and price-checking alts. Added to the fun is the initial surprise that seems to grip some highsec dwellers as they realize they're being fired upon and CONCORD (EVE's NPC police force) doesn't care. No less than five of them warped off in panic while I tried to get the accompanying image. Try it, you'll see.

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