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Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars coming to PSN, XBLA in 2009


Though video games continue to lose the ongoing war against ridiculous subtitles and unnecessary colon usage, Ubisoft is hoping that "Psychokinetic Wars" will sway the fight against boredom in favor of action gamers. Psychokinetic Wars, being the subtitle belonging to Cellfactor, denotes a "fast-paced first-person multiplayer shooter" coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in early 2009.

Developed by Immersion Games and Timeline Interactive, the futuristic FPS gives players "their choice of gunfire and/or telekinetic superpowers," though we suspect "and" would be the wiser battle strategy. After all, why would you turn down the opportunity to "rip objects from the surrounding environment and hurl them at enemies?" Well, assuming you didn't already.

Psychokinetic Wars will offer 30 single-player "challenges," three controllable characters and four different multiplayer modes (Death Match, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match and Assault) in support of 16 players. Or, err, psychokinetic combatants.

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