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MGS4 LittleBigPlanet content detailed, coming before Christmas

Jem Alexander

Stop reading and watch the video after the break. Don't worry, we'll wait. Done that? Good, now that you're sufficiently excited about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 LittleBigPlanet DLC packs we can give you a few more details, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog. There's a lot to cover, so pay attention.

First, the character packs, which you've already seen. They're $1.99 each or $5.99 for all four (essentially giving you Raiden for free). Remember how we were saying we wished the "level pack" actually included a level of two so we could collect all the goodies as we progressed? It looks like we got our wish -- and then some. The level pack contains six new levels and a lot of booty. Not to mention the Trophies which were revealed yesterday.

Inside the level pack you'll also find a new costume (Gurlukovich soldier), 72 stickers, 12 materials, 10 decorations and 18 objects. Not only that but there's four new music tracks (one background and 3 interactive), a new sound object, a new "plasma ball danger element," a new "laser sight gadget" and a functioning searchlight. Oh, we almost forgot about The Paintinator and the new switch that comes with it. All this can be yours on December 23rd and it'll cost you $5.99.

Okay, we've run out of space, so go visit the PS Blog for more info.

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