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The WoW vs. WAR debate makes Top 10 list of video game rage

James Egan

Alec Meer of Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently put a new twist on the 'top 10' lists that are cropping up at year's end -- a sort of top ten of gaming rage as expressed on the intertubes. Much of this list is focused on single-player titles and the industry itself, but Meer's 'Orc vs Orc' (#8 on the list) caught our attention.

Meer writes, "We've already talked today about the absurd, insane fanboy fallout from our own comparisons between Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft, but in truth it was a torrent of poison that briefly gripped MMO sites the world over. Notably, MUDfather Richard Bartle endured character assassination by a raft of WAR fansites after an interview in which he apparently stated the two games were very similar." That interview in question was actually Dr. Bartle's talk with our own (master) Michael Zenke back in June.

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(Richard Bartle has been involved in a number of heated discussions in the past year, beyond the WAR vs. WoW debate.) Meer chalks up these clashes to his view that avid MMO gamers actively define themselves by their choices in games. Do you agree with Meer? Check out "The Top 10 Angry Internet Man Angerers of 2008" for more of his views on MMO rage.

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