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WoW Moviewatch: To Home for Christmas

Amanda Dean

Even Blood Elves want to come home for Christmas. For today's Movie Watch we present Baron Soosdon's depiction of a Paladin's epic journey through the Borean Tundra to be with his family. This video was created as the producer's entry to the WeGame Christmas machinima contest of 2008.

As always, the images are crisp and visually stunning. Watching the video we get a nice tour of the Borean Tundra. There is very little action in this clip, more or less just one quick fighting scene during the opening credits. Aside from a couple of NPC interactions, the video is mostly a Paladin riding around. Emotes have a limited capacity to capture the true emotions of homecoming. I think Baron Soosdon did as good a job as he could, but I felt a little bit let down. The end should be heartwarming but it's just kind of there.

If you're making your own epic journey this Christmas season, slow down and be safe. It's nasty out there.

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