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X-Plane Airliner / Helicopter versions now available


X-Plane is an amazing cross-platform flight simulator app, and it has brought the thrill of flying to iPhone / iPod touch owners as well. The small screen size and limited memory of the iPhone platform made X-Plane for iPhone somewhat less impressive than the Mac and Windows versions in that you could only fly four different aircraft types.

Austin Meyer, the developer of X-Plane, has resolved this dilemma by releasing versions of X-Plane for iPhone for airliner and helicopter fanatics. X-Plane-Airliner for iPhone / iPod touch (click opens iTunes) is now available for US$4.99. You get the choice of three different present (Boeing 747, 777, and Airbus 380) and one future (Boeing 787) airliners with up to 98 airports in Southern California to fly to. Yeahhhh, I want to try landing at SNA in an A-380!

X-Plane Helicopter (click opens iTunes), also priced at US$4.99, lets you experience the helicopter flying experience with your Apple handheld. There are four helicopter types to play with: the Robinson R-22, Bell 206, BlackHawk, and Sea King.

Be sure to check out the TUAW review of the original version of X-Plane for iPhone / iPod touch.

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