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Bejeweled 2 rated by ESRB

Majed Athab

Bejeweled 2 might not be a hardcore gamer's kind of game, but it's coming our way nonetheless. The ESRB has rated the PS3 title "E" for everyone recently giving notice that a game was in the works for the system. Digging further, IGN has spoken with devs PopCap Games to which a rep had confirmed the game's existence.

For those of you who don't know about the title, it's a quick puzzler where players need to align three like-colored jewels to chain up a high score. For those of you who do know the game, thankfully you won't have to play it on your cell phone or Yahoo! ever again -- it'll be right here on your PS3. Prices and dates are as yet to be revealed, though reader DeforMAKulizer has notified us that PSN ads for Bejeweled 2 have been making the rounds. This suggests that the game might not be too far off.

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