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Get your Ravi on with We Rock: Drum King

If there's one thing we learned from Nintendo's presentation at E3 earlier this year, it's that snowboarding injuries are often hilarious playing imaginary drums is like, the coolest-looking action that anyone could ever hope to perform. 505 Games, whose publishing repertoire includes PAL versions of Cooking Mama and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, will attempt to capture said lightning in a bottle with their upcoming Wii rhythm game We Rock: Drum King. We think we know who's winning the coveted "Best Video Game Title of 2009" award.

The title, which is being developed by ARC System Works (the minds behind WiiWare "games" Family Glide Hockey and Family Table Tennis), is currently slated for a Europe-only release of April 2009. Based on a brief explanation provided in a press release, gameplay sounds like it will be reminiscent of Guitar Hero, with players using two Wiimotes to "air drum" along with a song, as designated by multicolored bars moving along a track. We will be heartbroken if this one doesn't make it across the Atlantic.

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