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Poll: Are your Blu-ray Discs taking forever to ship from Netflix?

Darren Murph

We've beaten this bush down before, but it seems that the issue is cropping up once more: Blu-ray Discs are taking ages to ship from Netflix. A recent CNET piece on the quandary took a closer look at why we're all paying more ($1 per month, but still) to get less. According to company spokesman Steve Swasey, the problem is twofold. First off, Hollywood simply "isn't providing enough Blu-ray copies of newly released films as the company would like to get," and secondly, Netflix is being ultra-cautious about spending too much dough on BD. Sure, some 500,000 customers are signed up to receive them, but that's a small chunk of the 9 million total that it serves. According to Steve: "These things [Blu-ray Discs] cost money. We deploy money where we think it's going to be most efficient to keep subscribers and investors happy. It's always check and balances." So, we're interested in seeing just how bad the issue is for our readers in particular -- drop your vote / rants below.


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