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Sony to stop using frustrating, wasteful clamshell packaging

Earlier this year, CNET published a report stating that the retail usage of clamshell packaging (sealed hard plastic shells often used to pack electronics) is nearing extinction due to high production costs and environmental concerns. Amazon was the first to switch over to "Frustration Free Packaging", a service they offer which packs certain items in easy-to-open recyclable cardboard. Shortly thereafter, the New York Times reported that other companies, such as Best Buy, Microsoft and Sony would soon shuck the use of clamshells as well.

At least one-third of that report appears to be true -- Sony recently announced that they'd stop shipping their electronics in the laceration-prone packaging, and are working on finding a "new alternative" which they'd implement soon. To display their dedication, they even made a promotional video for their latest internal business conference. It's posted after the break, and is cheesy enough to instantly kill any lactose-intolerant viewers. You've been warned.

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