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Actor strike threatens Castlevania movie, Anderson drops Spy Hunter movie

We're fairly certain that we all now know the many weaknesses of vampires: stakes, crosses, garlic, and obsessive, lonely teenage girls. However, we're just now starting to figure out the secret to slaying vampire-centric game-to-movie adaptations (namely, Paul W.S. Anderson's whipless cinematic stab at Castlevania); a force more powerful than holy symbols or tiny, smelly onions -- the unrelenting stoppage of work by entertainment labor unions.

Last December, when the writer's strike had cast a shadow of boredom over the land, the film was indefinitely postponed. Production started back up when said strike ended -- but with the entertainment industry currently staring down the barrel of a Screen Actors Guild strike, work on the Castlevania film has been "derailed". According to an IGN interview with Anderson, future plans for the film won't be decided until the SAG strike has been resolved.

Also in said interview, Anderson confirms that he's taken himself off of the Rock-infused Spy Hunter film, due to the script being just as terrible as you'd expect it to be. Unlike Castlevania, which Anderson claims to be quite smitten with and wishes to finish, this is probably the last we're going to hear of Spy Hunter's potentially Oscar-worthy silver screen adaptation.

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