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Lexicon announces I???ONIX line of USB desktop recording interfaces

Darren Murph

If Line 6's POD Studios just weren't down your alley, Lexicon's hoping to suit your fancy with its new line of I???ONIX Desktop Recording Interfaces. The USB-enabled I???ONIX U22, U42S, and U82S were designed to fill the obligatory void between your keyboard and monitor, and each one features dbx microphone preamps on all analog inputs. The U22 can record two channels simultaneously and includes a pair of analog combi-jack mic / line inputs, two TRS balanced line outputs, a Hi-Z instrument input, a 0.25-inch headphone output and MIDI I/O; the U42S and U82S include four and eight analog combi-jack mic / line inputs (respectively), S/PDIF I/O, two instrument inputs, and two 0.25-inch headphone outputs. Full specs for each box are listed in the read link, though -- strangely enough -- prices are not.

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