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Nashville, TN grabs AT&T's U-verse TV this week

Darren Murph

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AT&T just announced that its U-verse services would be introduced in Birmingham, Alabama this week, and it's evidently making a similar rollout across Middle Tennessee. We've been hearing that AT&T was looking to infiltrate the Volunteer State for months on end, and at long last we're finding out that those whispers were legit. According to a recent article in The Tennessean, select parts of Nashville and Middle Tennessee will become the first areas in the state to receive U-verse TV and high-speed internet. The best part of all of this is that AT&T has successful acquired a statewide license to lay service, meaning that it could very well hit more areas in short order. In fact, the operator has already vowed to expand U-verse to "about 60 cities and numerous counties" over the next two years, with "Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville and some rural areas" named in particular.

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