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One Shots: Off to find treats!

We sent out a call for some Holiday snaps, in case anyone would like to pass along holiday greetings. Only a few have taken us up on it, but we'll be featuring them over the next few days! (There's still time to send in a holiday snap if you'd like to join the fun, by the way.) Today's World of Warcraft holiday snap comes from Johanis, who sent this in with the following note: Here is Johanis (in his Christmas disguise) flying out of Stormwind on his way to completing the annual Gingerbread and Milk quest for Greatfather Winter. We can only imagine Greatfather Winter has a tummyache from all the holiday treats he's been eating, since there are 11 million World of Warcraft players worldwide. (Either that, or he's trading 'em back to the Goblins to put into all those fruitcakes.)

Have you snagged a holiday snapshot from your favorite game? Would you like to send holiday greetings out? As mentioned before, there's still time - but you need to send them in as soon as you can! Just mail a picture, your name and your greeting to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. We'll post them out here for everyone to enjoy as they relax and enjoy the holidays.

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