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SRS TruVolume debuts in Vizio's XVT HDTV and soundbar

Darren Murph

We should've seen this one coming, because whatever Dolby can do, SRS can do one better -- something like that. Anywho, SRS is debuting its own volume controlling technology today by way of Vizio's snazzy new 55-inch XVT HDTV and VSB210WS soundbar / wireless subwoofer kit. In SRS' words, the tech is an "advanced, intelligent volume control solution that delivers a remarkable TV viewing experience by eliminating irritating fluctuations in volume." Oh, and if you're not exactly looking to buy either of those products, don't be shocked to see this stuff flooding across Vizio's line in short order; Ken Lowe, the company's VP and co-founder has been quoted as saying that he believes "all of [Vizio's] TVs should have SRS TruVolume going forward." And we all know the VP gets what he wants.

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