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Gaming to Go: Sonic Rush


This is the other occasion where you're allowed to roll your eyes and say "Well, duh." A Sonic the Hedgehog game being featured for its emphasis on speed? Yeah, it's not a revolutionary concept, but it's still not quite the immediate conclusion one might have drawn some ten or fifteen years back. Where the much-maligned hedgehog used to be known for ultrafast platforming, recent entries in the series have introduced all kinds of kooky new gameplay elements, often stealing the spotlight from eye-melting rollercoasters and placing it firmly on beloved new characters like Big the Cat.

Sonic Rush, however, is a throwback to the olden days, when a typical Sonic level had twists, turns, and strategically-placed spikes after every freaking loop. That's the precise formula the series built its name on, and it's this exact same formula that makes Sonic Rush such a thrill ride to play. It's pretty possible to blaze through some of these levels in under three minutes, especially early on in the game, making it a title pretty well-suited for this week's edition of Gaming to Go. Thinking of giving Sonic another chance? Click that big button down there and see for yourself if it's worth bringing this hedgehog along on your daily commute.

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