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Garmin says Nuvifone isn't Android-based, but Android stuff is on the way

Chris Ziegler

So Garmin's coming out swinging in response to that Digitimes piece this morning suggesting that Android-based devices are on the way -- sort of. The company says that "the story contains a number of inaccuracies in both sales figures and product rollout schedules," and while it does say it has "an Android-based phone under development," it also reminds us that Nuvifone won't be it; instead, Garmin's first modern entry into the world of telephony will be based on a proprietary build of Linux, as was originally planned. We have to question the wisdom of this two-pronged approach since it almost obsoletes the Nuvifone before it's even released, but then again, maybe they're just pushing to get something out the door -- we've been waiting for this puppy for a year now, after all. See the full statement after the break.

CAYMAN ISLANDS/December 22, 2008/Business Wire – Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, is disputing a Monday, December 22 report in the DigiTimes trade publication entitled, "Garmin expects to ship 18 million GPS PNDs in 2008." The story contains a number of inaccuracies in both sales figures and product rollout schedules.

"Black Friday sales from our customers were what we expected and gross margins remain relatively strong," said Kevin Rauckman, Garmin's CFO and treasurer. "However, the December sales environment is weaker, which we attribute to our retail customers' desire to exit the year with lower levels of inventory."

As is customary, Garmin will update investors during its fourth quarter 2008 earnings call, scheduled for February 25, 2009.

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