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Get your friends and go to WAR: Mythic offers recruit-a-friend program


When Christmas comes and you want to find the very best present, let your friends and family go to WAR with you! Warhammer Online has just thrown open the gates to its own recruit-a-friend program, letting current subscribers send out free 14 day trials to anyone they wish. The only catch to the program is that you get a limited number of invites. Initially you get three for being a subscriber and then you receive one new invite each month to a maximum of six.

If your buddy converts his trial account to a full account by buying the game, then you get the standard 30 days free. Mythic's notice has already promised more rewards for recruiting in the future though, so it seems the program will expand beyond the scope of free game time. Although, honestly, none of us are arguing against free game time. It's the gift that keeps on giving, until someone steals your keep.

This may sound familiar. Holiday oops.

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