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Inafune says more Mega Man sequels could happen


If there's one thing that Mega Man 9 proved to us, it's that we desperately need a Mega Man 10. Seriously, Mega Man 9 might have done more harm than good, because at least before we never held out hope for such a retro-revival. Now, having tasted the greatness, we need more.

That's where Mega Man character designer and Capcom bigwig Keiji Inafune comes into the picture. During a recent interview with 1UP, he commented on the possibility of another downloadable Mega Man title, stating that Mega Man 9 came based on "our users' feedback." He went on to elaborate by saying the users "indicated that they wanted to see it again, so if we can continue to find ways to involve users and use their feedback to evolve the game, I think we can go on to continue to make MM10, MM11, and so on. The main point is how and if we can continue to incorporate user feedback into the creation of the game."

Mr. Inafune, just do it already. Mega Man 9 had to have sold truckloads, and you all got more from us on the DLC, so what's the deal? Personally, we're not willing to settle for any less than a new 8-bit Mega Man each year. So can you get on it? Please?


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