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Nerf dart gun hacked into pulverizing chaingun

Darren Murph

Disintegrator, meet your match. The wild 'n zany hackers over at ManaPotions have taken the Vulcan EBF-25 to heights that no one at Nerf could have ever imagined by transforming a relatively harmless foam dart gun into a bona fide chaingun. Post-hack, the weapon could fire "about as fast as a 7.62mm M60 Machine gun," which -- for those rusty on their ammunition specifications -- equates to 500 rounds-per-minute. The entire mod is laid out in dangerous detail down in the read link, though even the creators admit that you'll likely fry the motor and melt at least a few critical components after a fair amount of use. Check the vid just past the break for a scene sure to make your jaw drop.

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