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Overlord II DLC to be available 'closer to release'

Dustin Burg

As development winds down on Triumph and Codemasters' upcoming sequel Overlord II, we're comforted with the fact that downloadable content is planned, is in the works and will be available closer to the game's retail release.

"The DLC for Overlord 1 was an experiment for both Triumph and Codemasters, but perhaps it came a little too late after the release to appeal to all Overlord's players," admitted creative director Lennart Sas. "The plan for Overlord II is to have the DLC out closer to release," adding that "Overlord II is already a lot prettier than the original."

A prettier Overlord that is (hopefully) less buggy, full of content and already has timely DLC planned? We applaud the effort. Just don't make the DLC feel like it should have been in the retail copy and we'll be cool.

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